Thursday, August 14, 2008

Okay I wanted to recommend a website for free fonts I found 
They have tons, really cute and unique, great for titles.

Monday, August 4, 2008

Looking Back

I had my first scrapbook out the other day and it was amazing to see how far I have come... how far scrapbooking has come!
I started back about 1999/2000 when nobody was really doing it yet, my pages were all 8x10 and my skill and the time I took for each page was probably 1/4 what it is now, and it shows. The paper designs and materials were all very basic and simplistic compared to the incredible things they come up with now!  But I kind of loved them, like looking at pictures your parents saved from your childhood, the judgement free works of art.  And somehow as I was looking at them thinking all of these things, how everything has changed, I found that that was exactly what is so wonderful about Scrapbooking.  It really is a time capsule, and while I could easily redo those pages and make them more impressive, they wouldn't tell the story any better than they do now!