Monday, December 27, 2010

Days 2 & 3 - 12 Days of Christmas 2010

So here we go....I've finally got back to my studio to work on my Tim tags for this year. I wasn't feeling very creative, and was feeling pressured to get these tags done - so I set the idea aside until one evening (why do all our good ideas appear at 2 am??) it came to me what I was going to do this year with Tim's tags - I'm going to make a banner out of them when they are done, so I can display them next year as a decoration! Yeah - I have a plan....I love plans....they make me happy, knowing what direction I'm going in!

I'm improvising BIG TIME this year as I don't have all of the product that Tim used in his demos - but I'm finding it easy to fill in what I have to get the same effects. And, it's forcing me to unpack more of my scrappy stuff, to get to what I want...which is a GOOD THING!

I feel more creative with this process - I'm not just copying what Tim demo-ed - I'm having to come up with my own components and tweeking his designs to fit what I have.
I'm being INSPIRED by his techniques and his samples - and love getting lost in this process. By lost, I mean, I'm totally in the ZONE of creativity - I need to be here more often. It's where I'm most authentically ME!

So here's Day 3 - I didn't have the tissue tape, so I used old sheet music and made a 2-layered scalloped circle flower and
finished it off with an antique mini glass ornament as the center.

I used an AccuCut die for the bird using old sheet music & chipboard and
cut up a gold glittered floral pick of leaves and used it for the nest.

I love the way this one turned out - my FAV so far.

Day 2 tag - Haven't added the ribbon accent yet -
I kind of like it's simplicity and antique look.

Have any of you completed more tags? Go ahead and post them - I'd love to see what you created! I'll be posting more pictures as I get more completed...I'm sure this project will take me awhile and I'm enjoying it's creative journey!
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Friday, December 3, 2010

Day 1 - 12 Tags of Christmas!

I did it! I completed Day 1 of Tim's 12 Tags of Christmas!

This one wasn't easy for me because I had to create most of the pieces myself, I didn't have the house die or the fence I cut them out of grungeboard/grungepaper myself using his samples online as my guide...not to shabby if you ask me. Also, I use a crumpled up brown paper bag for the tree as I didn't have the flower branches he used. My favorite part is the wreath which I made from a piece of glittered leaves that I had in my stash andcut apart and I glued 2 teeny glass ornaments that were in my stash. I love how vintage this tag turned out and I love the little Christmas ticket which I stamped, embossed, colored using distress inks and turned up at one corner to look old. The star is a piece of german scrap that I had bought last year and was also in my Christmas little footnote here. While I was sparkly fluffing the tree, the jar slipped out of my hand, rolled along the worktable down to my lap which then bounced to the floor. I had to close my eyes and imagined vacuuming up all of it, but it landed right side up, still half full! My lap was very sparkly and fluffy, Phoebe had some on her head (she was laying at my feet while I created) so I jumped into the shower and brushed it all off - I couldn't think of how else to get it off! Next person to take a shower downstairs will have glittery feet :)

Show off your version of Tim's tags and we can have fun discussing how we improvised and what we liked best about the process~
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Get Inspired!

It's Dec. 3rd - and I've been been following  Tim Holtz as he reveals his 12 Tags of Christmas 2010.  It's SO inspiring!  If you haven't heard of Tim Holtz, or his "tag-a-looza" 12 Days of Christmas I encourage you to do so - no matter what style of art you play with.  It's messy and real and his demonstrational techniques are awesome - you see HOW he achieves these cool looks in his tags! 

I've had a cold these last 2 days - so I've been a little slow with starting to actually do a tag yet (I'm still unpacking my craft supplies), but today I feel inspired to at least get my work table cleaned off and supplies ready to go!  I'll be posting my pics of my tags as I catch up and I encourage you ALL to join me!  This is a great way to find a technqiue that you could use for your cards this year, or gift tags, or even make a few gifts! 

Lets all share our art!