Friday, December 3, 2010

Day 1 - 12 Tags of Christmas!

I did it! I completed Day 1 of Tim's 12 Tags of Christmas!

This one wasn't easy for me because I had to create most of the pieces myself, I didn't have the house die or the fence I cut them out of grungeboard/grungepaper myself using his samples online as my guide...not to shabby if you ask me. Also, I use a crumpled up brown paper bag for the tree as I didn't have the flower branches he used. My favorite part is the wreath which I made from a piece of glittered leaves that I had in my stash andcut apart and I glued 2 teeny glass ornaments that were in my stash. I love how vintage this tag turned out and I love the little Christmas ticket which I stamped, embossed, colored using distress inks and turned up at one corner to look old. The star is a piece of german scrap that I had bought last year and was also in my Christmas little footnote here. While I was sparkly fluffing the tree, the jar slipped out of my hand, rolled along the worktable down to my lap which then bounced to the floor. I had to close my eyes and imagined vacuuming up all of it, but it landed right side up, still half full! My lap was very sparkly and fluffy, Phoebe had some on her head (she was laying at my feet while I created) so I jumped into the shower and brushed it all off - I couldn't think of how else to get it off! Next person to take a shower downstairs will have glittery feet :)

Show off your version of Tim's tags and we can have fun discussing how we improvised and what we liked best about the process~
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