Monday, December 27, 2010

Days 2 & 3 - 12 Days of Christmas 2010

So here we go....I've finally got back to my studio to work on my Tim tags for this year. I wasn't feeling very creative, and was feeling pressured to get these tags done - so I set the idea aside until one evening (why do all our good ideas appear at 2 am??) it came to me what I was going to do this year with Tim's tags - I'm going to make a banner out of them when they are done, so I can display them next year as a decoration! Yeah - I have a plan....I love plans....they make me happy, knowing what direction I'm going in!

I'm improvising BIG TIME this year as I don't have all of the product that Tim used in his demos - but I'm finding it easy to fill in what I have to get the same effects. And, it's forcing me to unpack more of my scrappy stuff, to get to what I want...which is a GOOD THING!

I feel more creative with this process - I'm not just copying what Tim demo-ed - I'm having to come up with my own components and tweeking his designs to fit what I have.
I'm being INSPIRED by his techniques and his samples - and love getting lost in this process. By lost, I mean, I'm totally in the ZONE of creativity - I need to be here more often. It's where I'm most authentically ME!

So here's Day 3 - I didn't have the tissue tape, so I used old sheet music and made a 2-layered scalloped circle flower and
finished it off with an antique mini glass ornament as the center.

I used an AccuCut die for the bird using old sheet music & chipboard and
cut up a gold glittered floral pick of leaves and used it for the nest.

I love the way this one turned out - my FAV so far.

Day 2 tag - Haven't added the ribbon accent yet -
I kind of like it's simplicity and antique look.

Have any of you completed more tags? Go ahead and post them - I'd love to see what you created! I'll be posting more pictures as I get more completed...I'm sure this project will take me awhile and I'm enjoying it's creative journey!
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