Thursday, January 20, 2011

Imaginate Life - Go Ahead....DREAM

I was wandering through the plethora of emails in my inbox this morning - and came across this great website - Imaginate Life.

I think in my haste to get "through" my emails quickly in the past, I never really paid attention to this email - and for some reason today...I took the time and read it.  How many times of you done that yourself??

I was impressed and inspired with the message and information on this website and invite each of you to take some time - quiet time - and check it out.  It's got a great message and offers some fun projects, free downloadables and links to get in touch with what we want in our lives.  You can sign up for weekly and/or daily emails if you want also. I'm creating a DreamBoard myself today and it's been really fun to stop and think about MY DREAMS!

So grab a favorite drink, get comfy, relax and enjoy some YOU time!