Friday, November 19, 2010

First Mountain Experiences........ I am.  Settling into my new mountain surroundings and residence.  My sis Sue & friend April came up to see me on Monday/Tuesday...I was exhausted by so glad to see them!  We ventured out and did some site-seeing including a visit to a local Lookout Tower near-by - just 10 mins from my house!  It was amazing seeing the surrounding area (my new stomping grounds) including the San Bernardino valley & Victorville area from this humble structure that is manned by volunteers to spot fires in the SB National Forest.

Yesterday, Robert and I purchased our first load of firewood.  We eagerly arrived, a little excited, and soon were loading his Suburban with more wood than I had really expected.  The gal at the home center was chucking these split logs like they were light as a feather filling up this box and then forked lifted this box over to the Suburban - all we needed now was to load it up.  Holy Moly - we filled that vehicle to the brim (thank goodness for it's capacity!) and off we drove home.  Now the fun part - unloading it!  I think we did pretty darn good getting it done by dark and actually finding 2 places to stack it.  My "pioneer girl" spirit surfaced and I was actually invigorated by the whole process - Bring on Winter! 

Funny little note - 3 oak logs are sitting in our fireplace as we speak.  Somehow I'm in charge of getting the fireplace going, and last night I just didn't have any luck!  I didn't want to use the gas-line, I wanted to start it on my own...and well, I'll have to get better at this - real quick!  Robert told me he expected a roaring fire going when he got home from work - gulp....might just have to use the gas-line as a helper to get these suckers going - or pine cones, kindling - going to conjure up my inner girl scout.

Have a great day everyone!

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

My Journey

When I was offered the opportunity to open KatScrap Studio, as I was closing the door on Karen's Hallmark, I knew immediately that I had to step through the open door and give it a shot.  I wasn't completely sure why the universe had presented me this gift, but as I designed and opened the store, I discovered that it really was not about me, but something far greater.  It was the need for the community to come together to be creative.  I would like to express my sincere gratitude to those who have stepped forward with me to help my business grow.  My design team members (Chelsea, Faby, Heather & Rosann) worked tirelessly in an effort to build fun, creative classes and other programs, like theATC and Reading Club, as well as filled the store with creative and inspirational samples.

My life journey has taken me away from the store (75+ miles to be exact) with a move up to Running Springs.  As with most opportunities in life, it was not planned, but was essential.  With this move, I can no longer continue to run KatScrap Studio store front as it exists now.  I had hoped that I could by changing the hours and increasing the use of my wonderful staff (Chelsea &Faby), but after a month of trying this, I realize it is just not possible on a number of fronts.

I really do not look at this as an end, but as a new beginning.  I know you'll be hearing from KatScrap Studio before too long - the plans are already in the works.
So, starting WEDNESDAY, Nov. 3rd, I will be selling ALL the merchandise in the store for 50% OFF.  The fixtures will also be for priced for sale ( not 50% OFF their marked price - but I'm willing to bargain!) Doors open at 11:00 am! So come on in and get GREAT deals!  This is not going to be a long, drawn out closure - if you want something, come in and get it before it's gone. 

We do have several events scheduled that we do hope you will attend before we close the doors on Sunday, Nov. 14th.  

Thank you for all of your continued support!