Friday, November 19, 2010

First Mountain Experiences........ I am.  Settling into my new mountain surroundings and residence.  My sis Sue & friend April came up to see me on Monday/Tuesday...I was exhausted by so glad to see them!  We ventured out and did some site-seeing including a visit to a local Lookout Tower near-by - just 10 mins from my house!  It was amazing seeing the surrounding area (my new stomping grounds) including the San Bernardino valley & Victorville area from this humble structure that is manned by volunteers to spot fires in the SB National Forest.

Yesterday, Robert and I purchased our first load of firewood.  We eagerly arrived, a little excited, and soon were loading his Suburban with more wood than I had really expected.  The gal at the home center was chucking these split logs like they were light as a feather filling up this box and then forked lifted this box over to the Suburban - all we needed now was to load it up.  Holy Moly - we filled that vehicle to the brim (thank goodness for it's capacity!) and off we drove home.  Now the fun part - unloading it!  I think we did pretty darn good getting it done by dark and actually finding 2 places to stack it.  My "pioneer girl" spirit surfaced and I was actually invigorated by the whole process - Bring on Winter! 

Funny little note - 3 oak logs are sitting in our fireplace as we speak.  Somehow I'm in charge of getting the fireplace going, and last night I just didn't have any luck!  I didn't want to use the gas-line, I wanted to start it on my own...and well, I'll have to get better at this - real quick!  Robert told me he expected a roaring fire going when he got home from work - gulp....might just have to use the gas-line as a helper to get these suckers going - or pine cones, kindling - going to conjure up my inner girl scout.

Have a great day everyone!

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