Thursday, December 31, 2009

Welcoming in 2010

It's full of anticipation....a NEW year, a fresh start.
Who couldn't use one of those?!
As I look forward into the unknown of 2010, I'm filled with happiness, hope, excitement and all things deliciously fun. Of friendships, I hope for closer bonds and new fresh faces. I'm hoping to learn some new techniques in the world of creative goodness. I'm filled with all things that are good and kind. I'm eager to find ways to give back; to the community, to the industry and to the world. We can all do something a little better...I'm wishing for patience and understanding along with listening more and speaking less.
I wish each and everyone of you a very happy new year...bring it on 2010!

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Chelsea said...

I am really excited about this year! I look back on 2009 for myself and those close to me, and on a whole it was a very challenging year, and mostly disappointing. But I think that means this year we are all wiser, and more centered in what matters to us all as human beings. I feel, for myself and many others, that so much growth and reinvention of self is upon us. More creativity, more togetherness, more of what really matters, more living life to it's fullest and enjoying what we have and are right now. Thanks for posting this, very motivating!