Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Wicked Fun with Crystal Lacquer

This week Crystal Lacquer and I had fun creating one more Halloween decor piece for my collection - a wickedly cute mini witches hat!

Materials Used

Paper Mache Witches Hat
White embossed wallpaper - thank you Becky Conley :)
Assorted Glimmer Mist
Paper Flowers from my stash
Scrapbook paper - Halloween theme
Old dictionary pages
Colored glass ornaments in Halloween colors
Assorted glitters
Brads - for flower centers
Assorted Beads
Halloween Tulle Fabric

I started by covering the paper-mache hat with embossed wallpaper.  In the photo, you can see that I had cut off the top part of the hat - my project started off in one direction and took a turn midway - and decided to glue the top back on.  Funny how that works when you have an idea in your head of how you want something, and then "poof" right in the middle of creating, you change your mind.  I love that part of the process and it didn't bother me at all to have to change directions.  Anyway, I sprayed the entire hat with glimmer mist - in Raven.  It has a very cool purple shimmer when dry.

Here's a close up of one of the flowers.  I love this photo because you can see the purple shimmer on the hat from the glimmer mist.  I bought a package of small glass ornaments in Halloween colors.  I wanted to see what fun I could have adding glitter/beads to them using Crystal Lacquer.  This green one was covered with fine green glitter.  I did another one in chunky beads that turned out cool - and will be using it for another project.  It was easy to brush on a thin layer of Crystal Lacquer and then just dipping them in the glitter or beads. 

For the center of this flower, I coated a black glass ornament with chunky orange glitter.

For center of this paper flower, which I made using old dictionary paper and orange and black glimmer mist, I used Crystal Lacquer and orange seed beads.  I coated a brad with the lacquer, dipped it in the beads and set aside to dry.  I did this process twice as to get a bigger layer of beads.

 I used my scallop circle Accucut Die and cut about 8 circles of Halloween themed tulle fabric to create this little number.  The edges of the tulle were melted  (I used a lighter)  so they would curl up and make it more dimensional and added a brad that I coated with Crystal Lacquer and orange chunky glitter.

Here are my Crystal Lacquer creations for this Halloween - I can't wait to start on Thanksgiving and Christmas next :)

Till next time - stay creative!

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This is awesome! :)