Friday, July 22, 2011

Mountain Top Gardening

Well here she first Sweet Pea bloom of the season. 
I'm so excited to finally see her and a few others in my first attempt at flower seed sowing at 6100 feet elevation. I had bought some packets of seed at Descanso Gardens back in April.  I was so enchanted with the beautiful images on the packages, that I just HAD to buy a few.

I was so in love with them, that I made a page for them in my journal along with a planting map of where they were planted in my little garden patch.  I planted two varieties of Sweet Peas - Explorer Mix and April in Paris.  The photo above is of the April in Paris variety and I have one purple bloom from the Explorer Mix.  I have a few Columbines growing, no blooms yet and I haven't seen any of the Zinnias.  I do have some Marigolds with a few buds along with one tiny Rosemary plant and the Sage seems to be doing really well.
With some 30 degree evenings and some very cold days, I didn't think I would have much luck with the seeds - but am so happy to see that it could be done....with a lot of patients, a little water, some sunny days and a little pixie dust :)

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