Saturday, July 23, 2011

She Canned it Anyway

We were visiting my mom-in-law, Ruth, earlier this week and she had a bounty of Meyer Lemons.  I love lemons, always have.  I remember as a young girl picking the lemony orbs and loving their fragrance.  I once sliced them and floated them on my bath water - must have read something in my favorite magazine about the advantages of doing so.   We brought home several pounds of lemons and a recipe for Lemon Marmalade.  I'd heard of Orange Marmalade, but never Lemon....I was intrigued.  I'd been wanting to try my hand at canning this year...I had done it in the past, when I lived in Oregon and had mountains of blackberries to deal with, and I was itching to do it again.

 I just needed a few items - like canning jars, lids & rings which were easy to get - and I was set. 

The recipe was simple - lemons, sugar, water.  After slicing the lemons and letting them sit overnight in the fridge, I added the sugar and started the cooking process.  The skill is getting to the "jelly point"  - which I kept reading about online while investigating different recipes.  I had my trusty candy thermometer, so I just had to be patient enough to get just the right temperature.

TA-DA!  Easy peasy!  The hardest part was waiting for the mixture to get to 220 degrees!  It's very yummy - of course we had to sample it!
Now I'm trying to think of what's next - I've got a few jars to find more recipes!

Until next time....get creative in your kitchen!

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